Introduction to the course. How to prepare for what you are getting into.

In this lecture we will explore why traditional star charts are incredibly limited and how using these new 6 different models will totally change your experience of STAR CHARTS.

We will be covering :

  1. The observational model
  2. The goal model
  3. The perseverance model
  4. The consistency model
  5. The process model
  6. The gamification model

I will give you answer to the following questions:

  • my child only does this because of a prize or reward, and not because they really want to do it
  • sometimes my child loses motivation half way through and then just gives up on the whole process and then I am back to square one:
  • the star chart is great but once they have achieved the reward, then their behaviour returns back to what it was before because they now have no motivation to continue.
  • Traditional star charts work well on my young children, but my older children ( 8 years and above) just roll their eyes.