Connecting with me on social media so I can get you there faster

Here are some of my social media links. Make sure we connect

And here is the reason why:

  1. So I can see what you are doing: When I see what you are doing, and how you positioning yourself on social media, I can offer you my thoughts on how to make it even better. You are a Professional Property Investor. If you are looking for money, or for deals, people are going to look at your social media and judge your trustworthiness and your professionalism by what they see. Make it count in your favour!
  2. So You can see what I am doing: I want you to feel inspired to take action, and keep tapping into your WHY.... your MOJO.... your natural drive that will support you in doing what it takes to achieve your goals. So when you see some of the things I may be doing because I am following my WHY, I want this to be a reminder to you that if you follow your strategy we develop, so will you get there too!
  3. So I take you along with me: When I go to events, or speak at networking events... and I am in contact with you and know what you are doing... that means I can invite you to be part of this. Take Allan for example... I knew he was creating a course on getting multiple bonds from the bank so I got him to come and speak at one of my events which increased his branding but also got him clients. Take Saskia, I knew what she was doing so I brought her along to my presentation with Dr Demartini and got her to have great one-one photos with him.

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