What to expect in this course

This is the ultimate advanced guide to using Airbnb to increase income, expand your portfolio and create wealth for yourself.

This advanced course will get you to start and set up your new Airbnb listing to be fully optimized, efficient and profitable.

You will master the rent to rent model, as well as you buying your own Airbnb property for wealth creation

You will use these strategies to rent a better house to live in, or a more expensive house to buy as a primary residence. Maybe you want to put your profits into more holidays, more travel, or just more money in the bank. What ever it is, this course is for you.

You will be confident in being able to chose a cleaning company, price your unit correctly, and get more reviews so your guests choose you first.

I’ll show you how to automate every part of the process and the guest communication and messaging so you can even be offline in the remotest parts of the world and still get income!

But most importantly, you will have everything you need in the way of templates, spreadsheets and calculators so you too can do this all on your own from the comfort of your own chair.

Where else can you earn back all the money you paid for this course in less than one month?

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