If you are still doing this... you are likely going to see brat-like behaviour

The modern day parenting crisis has come about because our parenting styles have changed and in many instances what we are doing is doing more harm than good.

This section is ALL about laser focusing your awareness on what YOU can do to avoid creating brat-like behavioiur, and also how you can transform the brat-like behaviour you may already be seeing into the values that you are wanting.

In this lecture we will cover:

1) The challenges of saying we want an empowered child, but we don't really know how to handle an empowered child.

2) Parents of children with brat-like behaviour often over praise their children, and are inauthentic when doing so.

3) Many modern day parents are afraid of expressing their true feelings of anger or frustration because they think this will damage their children.

4) The modern day parent thinks that to boost self esteem, their children should be protected from experiencing failure as this may crush the spirit.

5) Using threats to get cooperation, and then not following through with what you said.