How to express your anger so they HEAR you instead of FEAR you.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to work with the emotions.

And a BIG mistake modern parents make is thinking that they must protect their children from INTENSE emotions. So they hide their emotions, or down play them. Until they EXPLODE and shout and scream!

And parents only do this because they don't know the skills on HOW to express their emotions in a way that is healthy, and non-damaging to their child.

Children need to know how their behaviour impacts other people and you as the parent need to find ways to tell your child this.

And not only do you need to tell them this, but also role model HOW a person expresses their intense emotions.

Brat-like behaviour is often an inability to be respectful and caring to other people.

Teaching them HOW to express their emotions is easier done by example than by asking them nicely.