Setting the boundary and giving two empowering choices

Within minutes you will have a skill that gets instant cooperation without the resentment.

This skill unlocks the power dynamics and gets children focused on what they can do instead of intent on resisting you.

And then in the resource section, watch a parent share her story of how she used this skill to get cooperation (2:50 mins)

  • whenever someone makes a choice they self-determine a part of their life so feeling more empowered.
  • when giving someone a choice, they spend more time on choosing than on resisting your boundary.
  • when giving a choice you are focusing their brain onto moving into action of those choices.
  • when someone makes a choice they feel a degree of autonomy which supports them 'saving face' and keeping their pride and dignity in tact.
  • all your choices need to be empowering for you and for them, avoiding ultimatums.
  • the biggest take way from this skill is that your children will also feel that you are trying to make this work for them, and not just be the bossy parent getting what you need (with no consideration for what your children are wanting)

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