How to stop the nagging after I have put the boundary in place.

Putting a boundary in place is not about "TOUGH LOVE". As a parent it is your right and role to put in place the values and boundaries you believe are important and belong in your home. But how you put that in place is where the magic lies as it will either create a place of conflict, or a place where you all feel respected and working together for ALL of your benefits.

I believe it really important your children get to HEAR and UNDERSTAND the impact their behaviour has on you and on others. But HOW you share this with them is equally important. Without practice and skills, it usually comes out as an angry shout or threat that actually does more damage and undermines the connectedness of the relationship.

If your child keeps nagging you, then you will need to increase your EFFECTIVENESS of your skills in setting boundaries.

This next video is taking from a live session with parents and teachers. Robin goes on to explain the 3D's of boundary setting.